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Would it be possible to relegate the ads to a single part of the page rather than having them all over everything? At the bottom would be preferable, since I wouldn't have to see them as much down there, but just putting them in a single section would help a LOT.

As it is, it's a bit ambiguous as to which links are for the wiki, and which are for the advertisements since they're all over the place, and they look exactly like the rest of the links on the page. I understand you want to try to make some little cash here, but I personally think it's sacrificing the usability of the wiki.


Could we at least take them out of the page headings? It really is terrible. Scott 07:10, 12 September 2006 (PDT)

I see what you mean, I was using the Firefox extension noscript (which disables javascript). I find the ads on the top of the page particularly intrusive. --Midnightcomm 11:58, 7 March 2007 (PST)

I understand, but...

As much as we love the homeschooling community, if it weren't for the little bit of money that we make from the ads, we couldn't afford to continue the site. As it is, we're not breaking even. We have several other sites online,and the time we spend on this site could easily be spent elsewhere-- probably for a larger profit.

Unlike wikipedia, we don't have corporate sponsors offering hundreds of thousands of dollars to underwrite this project. Moving the ads to less noticeable places would essentially render them pointless, as no one would see them.

We have a sponsors page, so if you know of any homeschooling businesses that would like to help underwrite the site so that we can remove some ads, please send them our way.

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