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The Lea County Home School Association

We are a group of parents and children who have come together for support and fellowship. The purpose of our association is to provide support, encouragement, and social situations which we would be unable to provide as individuals such as field day events, special field trips, ect.

We strongly believe that a child's parents are his best educators. To that end, we strive to help homeschoolers in our area continue to educate their children at home.

We provide two, 8 week, co-op sessions per year for children of all ages in our association. Dues are $10 per family per semester. We offer two class sessions per week of about 1 1/2 hours each. Topics of classes include weaving, outdoor safety, law enforcement, book making, science, health, cooking, and more.This year we are adding 4H Clubs and Boy Scouts. Members of the association are not required to participate in co-op but it is strongly recommended. All homeschoolers who live in Lea County, New Mexico are welcome to join LCHSA.

We maintain contact by phone and email. To contact us send an email to info@leacountyhom.com

"The child must think, get at the reason-why of things for himself, every day of his life, and more each day than the day before. Children and paents both are given to invert this educational process. The child asks Why? and the parent answers, rather proud of this evidence of thought in his child.There is some slight show of speculation even in wondering Why? but it is the slightest and most superficial effort the thinking brain produces. Let the parent ask Why? and the child produce the answer, if he can. After he has turned the matter over in his mind, there is no harm in telling him - and he will remember it - the reason why. Every walk should offer some knotty problem for the children to think out - Why does that leaf float on the water, and this pebble sink? and so on." - Charlotte Mason, Home education (1935)

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