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About Know Homeschooling

Know Homeschooling is the free comprehensive guide to homeschooling for homeschoolers by homeschoolers.

You are welcome to add further information, as long as you follow our editing guidelines. You do not need any special qualifications to contribute to Know Homeschooling. You do not need to fear accidentally damaging our wiki when you edit/add information to the wiki, as other knowhomeschooling users are always around to correct obvious errors if needed. Additionally, the software that runs this wiki is designed to allow easy reversal of editorial mistakes.

Our Vision

In a nutshell, our vision for the KnowHomeSchooling is for it to be a place where homeschoolers can get their questions answered by the ever growing community of homeschoolers worldwide.

We have been wanting to do something like this for years, but creating a one-stop homeschooling site that could help homeschoolers find what they were looking for seemed a bit overwhelming until...

We came up with the idea of starting a wiki that anyone could edit. This way all of us homeschoolers can work together to create a comprehensive guide to homeschooling. Our vision is for Know Homeschooling to be a great resource for homeschoolers everywhere.

Our vision is for this wiki to answer all the questions new homeschoolers might have, like: 1. What is Unschooling? 2. What are Learning Styles? 3. What are my State's Homeschooling Laws? 4. What does the day in the life of a typical classical education homeschooler look like? etc.

To make this work, we need your help. We need help creating, editing, and organizing all the information homeschoolers need to know.

About the Owners

Jill Manty

I am the mother of five children ranging in age from 1 year old to 13 years old. I homeschool all of my children and enjoy seeing them grow and learn. I am an active member of several homeschooling groups in Houston. I’m somewhat of an Internet junkie, and I really enjoy the freedom of knowledge that it provides. I am co-owner of an organic baby business called The Delightful Child LLC.

George Manty

I am the husband of Jill and work mostly on the design, promotion, and monetization for our websites. I am a homeschooling dad who believes strongly in the Father's need to be involved in the homeschooling of their children. I work as a software developer at a fortune 500 company in Houston, Texas and do website design on the side.

Getting Started

How can you get started contributing KnowHomeSchooling?

Take a look at our Editing Tutorial to learn how to start creating and editing pages. Then go for it! Don't worry about making mistakes, we can fix them with ease.

We really hope this project is as useful to the homeschooling community as we envision it can be. Share in our vision and start contributing today!

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