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Club Invention

There's a great out of school enrichment program. Club Invention® is a non-profit program of the National Inventors Hall of Fame and the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The program is developed for children ages 6 - 12 or grade levels first through sixth. Much like home schooling, we provide a unique learning experience, based upon hands-on, activity-oriented adventures that are appropriate and inspiring to children at their individual learning ability levels. This innovative program can be offered as part of, or an extension of, the host locations current programs. Team Leaders can enhance co-op programming with very little time or effort involved. Club Invention is easy and convenient for you to implement. We send the materials, curriculum, and leader manual. Each module requires one teacher for a group of 15 - 22 students. The host provides the location, selects the leader and distributes the program flyer. This as a great fit for the philosophy of the home schooling family. It is provided in the spirit of teaching children to think for themselves. The modules build on creativity and make the learning process FUN. Club Invention offers a curriculum aligned with National and State educational standards. It utilizes inquiry based learning techniques, subject immersion and discovery. It inspires engaging excitement about science, encourages social interaction and the benefit of teamwork. Club Invention supports inventive thinking skills and allows kids to flourish outside of a "standard" teaching methodology. Club Invention currently offers six interactive modules. Each module incorporates science, math, history and the arts. Each module encompasses 8 hours of theme based curriculum. Each activity builds on the prior activity in that module. The tuition per child is $69.00 per module. Or the co op module price of $1400. That is less than $10.00 an hour, for a fun educational experience. The currently available modules are: E.Z. Science™ A world-famous science magazine needs the help of club members to get the next month’s issue of the magazine on the streets. Solve readers’ questions, design and print a new magazine cover, and finally, map a delivery route to guarantee speedy delivery to customers.

Bolder Builders™ The town of Unlucky has a most accurate name. Destroyed by an earthquake, the town must now be rebuilt. Coming to the help of architect and engineer, Archie Tek, club members design and construct the buildings that will bring the town back to life. From building simple tents and elaborate town structures to imploding buildings, club members race to change the town name from “Unlucky” to “Lucky.”

Passage to Planet ROG™ Explore Planet ROG - a planet far from Earth with friendly natives and an environment rich in minerals. In the harsh conditions of outer space, club members will first repair their spaceship using tools that they invent. Upon reaching Planet ROG, club members design shelter, encounter the planet natives, and mine and transport minerals found on the planet before returning home.

Medieval Marvels™ The Middle Ages, an era of lords and knights, provides the setting for Medieval Marvels. Using the science that was known during this time period, club members build catapults to protect their castle, create boats that travel the castle moat, and assemble a water wheel with the power to lift weight.

Phys. Ed: Physics in Motion™ Inventive games are the focus for this week of fast-paced competition and entertainment. What will club members create to keep gravity in check as they run a race? How will they keep a cracker and shaving cream tower from falling over? Can a parachute made of garbage bags really foil the effect of gravity and land gently? All good questions to be answered by club members in this week of physics (and physical) fun!

Flight Sight™ Ever wonder what it’s like to fly like a bird or see the world as an astronaut does? In Flight Sight, club members investigate flight from different views of the Earth. Exploring perspective, creating three-dimensional maps, building a flight simulator for pilots and designing a flight craft of the future is all in a week’s work for club members.

For more information or to get started with Club Invention in your community contact: Maria Regional Coordinator Club Invention Houston, Texas 713/974-2524

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