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Teaching reading may be the single biggest fear for many homeschooling parents. Will our children learn to read? WHEN will our children learn to read. The resources here will help and encourage you in your quest to impart literacy to your children.

Methods and Curriculum

Reading Reflex by Carmen and Geoffery McGuinness. Utilizes the Phono-Graphix system to teach the English code, the three skills needed to access that code in a manner that is consistent with the way children learn.

Alphabet Island Level 1 is intended for kindergarten and has 15 minute lessons with a story, song, poem, game, blackboard and workbook activity. The students master the phonetic sounds, alphabetic sequence, correct letter formation and the reading and spelling of more than 230 3-letter short-vowel words. Level 2 is intended for use with 1st through 9th graders, teaching phonics and spelling.

Sing, Spell, Read and Write A 36-step learning-to-read curriculumthat uses carefully sequenced systematic phonics instruction to build fluent, independent readers. It is a multisensory program intended to reach all types of learners.


Starfall Free website for teaching basic reading skills. Can be used as a stand alone program or combined with other curriculum options.

Headsprout Subscription-based online website intended for beginning readers or older readers struggling with basic phonics skills. Online interactive lessons and printable easy reader stories.

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