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To add an external link to a new or existing page:

1. Type in the Link Adress

2. Surround the Link Address in brackets [ ].

This can also be accomplished by selecting the link from step 1
and clicking on the icon.

3. If you want to add *anchor text type a space after the link address and add the anchor text.

For example, let's say that you want to link to this page and you wanted to use the URL as the anchor text. In order to do so you would type the following into the editor:


The link would look like this:

If instead you wanted to link to this site with the anchor text "Know Homeschooling" you would type the following into the editor:

[ Know Homeschooling]

The link with anchor text would look like this: Know Homeschooling

Note: Please do not spam this wiki with links to the same on unrelated pages.

* Anchor text is the text that a person clicks on to get to a site. On most sites “anchor text” is blue text with an underline.

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